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Installing Mobile legends PC Step By Step Tutorial

Can we play Mobile legends in PC?
Of Course, we can. 

Everything that you play in android can be moved into PC. The questions is How to move Android applications into PC?

To Move some Smartphone's applications into PC, we Need a tools, Like PC software that usually called Emulator.  

So to make Mobile Legends Application being supported in Our PC, we need An Emulator.

What is Emulator?
Emulator is Just like an android virtual software that we pun in our computer to make android applications being supported in our PC.

What are the best Emulators?
There are many emulators that you can install to your PC through internet. You Can find Emulator free Version or One Time Purchase emulator or even a Membership emulator. 

The examples of emulator are Bluestack 3, AmiDuos, Leapdroid, Andy, Droid4x and etc.

What is the best Free emulator? I think Bluestack 3 is the best free Emulator.

So in this tutorial i will show you how to install Bluestack from the beginning until installing Mobile legends in it.

First You have to download Bluestack 3. Bluestack 3 is about 284 Mb so before you download it, make sure your internet speed is fast enough.

Installing Mobile legends PC  Step By Step Tutorial

>>>To install Bluestack Go tho this LINK. Once you been there Click Download and it will be automatically downloaded.

>>> Click Open after the downloading is done. It will be automatically installed, just wait.

>>> Once You have installed it. It will ask you to log in with your google account. You Can create a new google account or just log in with your old  google account.

>>> After you Log in, Go to apps and search for mobile legends in the search box and installed it.

>>> Mobile legends will automatically uses your Bluestack google account to sign in.