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Faq Mobile legend - The Best Game to boost your Mood

I always play Mobile legends when i have a bad mood. I always play classic mode to boost my mood. Classic is the best Mode to play when you don't want to get too many complains while playing from your teams.

Faq Mobile legend 

These are some Questions and answer about Mobile legends: Bang Bang

Can Mobile legends Be hacked?
Nobody can prove since this game had been published. That means nobody knows how to hack mobile legends. Mobile legends use some high technology to prevent this issue.

Can Mobile legends be played Offline?
No, You can't. Mobile legends need Internet access even if you play in AI or Computer mode.

Can Mobile Legends be Played On PC?
Yes, You Can. But you need bluestack installed on your PC. It is not easy to play Mobile legends in PC because you will find it difficult to move your hero with mouse. I Had tried it, play in smartphone is easier.

Does Mobile legends have Voice Chat?
Yes. You can communicate with your team through voice chat. To activate voice chat, click speaker image in the left side. You can only find it when you are in battle mode.

Does Mobile legends Consume a lot of data?
Not really. Be sure to change your display quality to be low. You can do it while you are in battle, click the setting options in the left side.

Does mobile legends Support controller?
Yes. I think so

Is Mobile legends Pay to win?
No. You will only win if you now to build your hero depends on your enemy power.

What mobile legends hero is the best For You?
I love to play Hilda, Eudora, and Clint

What Mobile legends hero should i Buy?
i don't Know. Buy what makes you curious!

Why is Mobile legends Lag?
There are some aspects that will make mobile legends lag
  • When your internet signal is too weak 
  • When One of your team's internet signal is too weak, you will gonna be lag
  • When The servers is down.

Why Mobile Legends Won't Load?
  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to Internet
  • Try to go to smartphone setting.
  • Go apps setting
  • Chose Mobile legends
  • Click delete cache 
  • Click force to stop and Try again!

Why is Mobile legends so Popular? 
  • Because Mobile legends is the best free game right now. You Can play it 100% free without any  limitations. Mobile legends put you in to Narnia World where you can be a real superhero.