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Balmond Best Item Builds Mobile Legends - Get MVP with Balmond

You can be MVP all the time if you know how to play Balmond Like Pro. That's why i try to write this Best Item Builds For Balmond to help you know more about Balmond Power.

Balmond Best Item Builds Mobile legends

Balmond Best Item Buids Mobile Legends

Before we talk about Balmond best Item Builds, lets see some Attributes of Balmond:

Balmond Attributes 

  • Movement Speed 260
  • Physical attack 119
  • Armor 25
  • Mage Resistance 10 
  • HP 2716
  • Attack Speed 0.85
  • HP Regen 47

What Attributes Balmond doesn't Own?

  • No Magic Power
  • No Need Mana
  • No Need Mana Regen 
  • No Basic Critical Attack 
  • No Ability Of Critical Attack 

Balmond Passive Skil

Get 4% HP everytime He kill a minion 
Get 10% HP everytime he kill an enemy
No cooldown for this Passive skill

Balmond First Skill 

Charges Up his HP and Beat enemy with Physical attack Up to 210. Slow your enemy movement by 60% for 2 second

Balmond Second Skill

Continues damage of 80 pts + 37% of physical damage to nearby Enemies

Balmond Third skill 

  • his is The most powerful skill. 
  • Deal up to 1300 Damege to non-hero Unit like minions or Monsters
  • Deal up to 350 + Maksimum 50% of total Physical attack and will make the enemy lose their hp up to 20%/beat . Slow your Enemy movement by 60% for 2 second.

Balmond Best item builds

Athena's shiled
Athena's shiled twill make you stronger when facing magic hero. This will protect you by adding 50 magic resistance to your body.

Blade Armor 
After buy this Item. No need to be afraid of Lyla or others Marskman from the enemy team. This item will give 90 armor and your enemy  will also get 25% physical damage from their attack .

Warrior Boots 
 This item will give you more Armor up to 22 Armor. This Item will increase your hero movement up to 40%

Bloodlust axe
Bloodlust axe gives you additional 70 Physical attack and decrease your skill cooldown up to 10%. This item will also give you 20% Spell Vamp.

Cursed Helmet 
This item will give you 90+ HP and Make you stronger by adding 50% Magic Resistance. Cursed Helmet also will help you grow faster because this will give you more Power up to 50% extra damage to Minion

This Item will give you additional hp 800 and Magic Resistance +40. This Item will also make you wake Up from dead with 15% of HP.