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Alucard best Builds Mobile legends - Fighter and assassin Hero

What make alucard Become so dangerous is that he has a very high Damage outside his fast skill Cooldown. Alucard passive skill will make him run faster and chase the enemy easily.

Alucard Best Build Mobile Legends

Alucard is the best assassin hero in Mobile legends. But, it won't happened if you build him wrongly. Stand stronger than others hero! Fight and kill them all with these item builds for Alucard.

Alucard Best Build Mobile Legends

How These Items Help Alucard to win The fights
  • Haas's Claws : Stand Longer by stealing your enemy blood up to 20% and when your HP under 40% you will get an extra 10% lifesteal
  • Warrior Boots :Move faster 40% and Get up to 25 Point Physical Defense. This item will make you stronger and easy to beat enemy fighter or tank.
  • Berserker's Fury : Beat your enemy with additional 65% physical attack plus 40% critical Damage that will make your enemy suddenly dying.
  • Endless Battle: Add your ability to steal your enemy blood 15%. Give you another additional physical attacks. And you will also got magic power and mana with this item.
  • Maletic Roar : Your enemy will gonna use physical defense item, don't be afraid this item will make you fix that. This is also will give you another 60% additional physical attack.
  • Blade Of despair: It is time to show your God Power. This will give you 170% additional physical attack and speed your attacking 10%.

Alternative items Builds for ALucard 

If your enemy are too weak and they don't buy good physical defense, change Maletic Roar with Demon wings. This item will increase your speed attack up to 40% when your HP is too Low.

Go now! 
Use these items and prove it!
Kill Them all with Alucard

Survive longer and longer while you add your physical attack up to 300%....

These are the best builds For Assassin or Fighter in Mobile legends Game.... Bang bang!!!!

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